Cap Raise

Growing US Aquaculture and the Blue Economy through Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainable Aquaculture. Sustainable Growth.

Aquaculture is the production of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions throughout part or all of their lifecycle. When its development is done correctly, it increases food production, boosts economic growth in coastal and rural areas, and can help keep waterways clean.
“Blue foods” like oysters rank highest in nutritional value while having the lowest environmental footprint of all animal proteins on Earth. With the rapid decline of our wild oyster populations and a constant demand for oysters, we are dedicated to building our Florida oyster industry into a sustainable, eco-conscious protein producer.
We’ve perfected the most sustainable model for harvesting hand-crafted, delicious oysters from seed to plate, with all our conservation efforts built in. Florida Oyster Trading Company has been growing authentic, craft oyster availability and awareness to strengthen Florida’s aquaculture industry; we are now scaling and looking for equity partners, offering individual, limited partnership shares.

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