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Driven to revitalize the historic Florida oyster, The Florida Oyster Trading Company is producing authentic, craft oysters uniquely cultivated by the estuaries in which they grow.  FOTC oysters are 100% products of their estuary – from the Broodstock in which they are spawned to growing in those same waters from seed to harvest.

Back To Our Roots

Our mission and work are more than just growing oysters; it’s an experience of old Florida and the pristine waters that locals and tourists alike have enjoyed for decades.  We aim to honor the culture and distinct communities that have relied on the bountiful waters for centuries.  FOTC oysters provide ecological and economic benefits to the communities. By scaling operations, FOTC will innovatively contribute to the development of the local blue economies through job creation, supply chain stability, and a focus on Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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Our Story

Oysters are not simply a commodity; for many Americans, they are a symbol of a way of life. Sadly over the past decades, natural oyster reefs and subsequent wild harvests have dramatically declined to a fraction of historic levels. This trend has necessitated an alternative source – aquaculture or farming of the seas. Aquaculture is a sustainable method of producing protein for a growing global population and relieves harvest pressure on the wild populations. In some cases, such as oysters, the extensive process provides ecological benefits that improve the quality of entire ecosystems.

 The Gulf coast oyster aquaculture industry is burgeoning but experiencing bottlenecks. Lack of consistent, quality seed availability limits industry-wide development and puts farms at financial risk. In response, FOTC has developed an innovative, patent-pending model to self-sufficiently produce oysters available to help farms aspiring to generate mass volume but cannot due to an inconsistent supply chain. This production model is breaking the chain of globalizing an antiquated concept and bringing fire to the people.

Grow With Us

Florida Oyster Trading Company has been growing authentic, craft oyster availability and awareness to strengthen Florida’s aquaculture industry; we are now scaling and looking for equity partners, offering individual, limited partnership shares.

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